Commercial Water Filtration

While Metro Water Filter offers many high-quality filtration units suitable for home use, commercial filtration solutions are usually a bit more involved. Medical facilities, for example, require the highest possible levels of water purity for laboratory work, while farms may need extra protection against runoff contamination. This is why we specialize in designing, installing and maintaining top-quality custom water treatment solutions for commercial, industrial, and even government entities.


Water problems we can solve

Different companies have different water purification needs, and every water supply is a bit different as to the impurities that need to be removed. Here are just a few of the more common water problems we find, for which we can design a custom solution for your business:

  • Acidic water (we restore pH balance)
  • Hard water (from Calcium and Magnesium in the water, which cause scale buildup)
  • Sedimentary particulates (soil, rust) in the water
  • Excess iron
  • Chlorine
  • Harmful bacteria (like E. Coli)
  • Mercury
  • Lead
  • Nitrate
  • Sulfur


How we solve the problems

Your customized commercial filtration solution may include any of the following components, based on what we find in our water diagnostic:

  • Acid Filters and/or Soda Ash Feeders (raises the pH of water)
  • Iron Filters
  • Injection/Disinfection Systems (Ultraviolet or light chlorination to remove bacteria)
  • Sediment/Particulate Filters
  • Carbon Filters (remove a wide range of particulates, including sediment, chlorine, benzene, mercury, nitrate and other chemicals, as well as removing odor and taste)
  • Water Conditioners (removes hardness minerals from the water)
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems (yields a high level of purification at the microscopic level)


Quality commercial filtration for your business

Over the years, we have helped provide customized water filtration solutions for hotels, restaurants, factories, car dealerships, medical facilities, farms, trailer parks, churches and many others! Whatever your filtration needs may be, our experts can design and install a system that is guaranteed to provide pure, great-tasting water to your facility. For a free water analysis and consultation, give Metro Water Filter a call at (770) 934-7991.